Footballers Saved Baby Trapped Inside The Car, Jumped Out Upon Hearing Old Woman’s 7 Words

We always wanted to help somebody in need and it gives the feeling of satisfaction after doing good acts towards other people. It may not be too much but simple acts can be greatly appreciated by people as long as it comes from the heart. Time will come that God will use us as instruments to help others and prove to them that God is always there to send somebody to rescue them. Who knows? We could turn out to be someone’s answered prayer.

Jack Long and Shane Simpson are footballers from Western Missouri. It was after their usual routine of practicing a game that they decided to have a ride home together. This time, they took a different route without knowing that God is preparing them for something big. They saw an old woman along the road and they later knew her as Teresa Gall. The old nanny was holding a hammer in her hand trying to act an odd behavior. She was banging the parked car and the boys were curious about what she’s doing. At first, they thought that the old woman might have left her keys inside the car and couldn’t get in so they decided to pull over and offer some help.

When they asked the old woman what’s wrong, the woman immediately utters 7 words that made their hearts jumped out. The woman told them that a 17-month-old baby boy named Liam is trapped inside the car and he was suffering from 98 degrees heat. Liam was already vomiting and is about to lose his consciousness that Teresa was already crying for help to God. God was watching over them and immediately sent the boys to save Liam from danger. Watch the video below and witness God’s angels as they rescue the poor little boy trapped in the car.

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