LifestyleFunny Cartoon Video Teaches Us Wonderful Lesson Not To Judge Quickly

Funny Cartoon Video Teaches Us Wonderful Lesson Not To Judge Quickly

Most of the time we judge other people too quickly before even trying to know them first. We judge them according to how they appear before us or what other people say about them. Often times we are being deceived of what we see on the physical attributes. The more you judge people, the lesser the possibility that you can show love to them. God doesn’t judge men but instead, He gives us a lot of chances to repent from our sins. He wants us to learn from the mistakes of our past aiming to teach us a lesson that will make us stronger in our faith to Him.

Comedy has released a funny cartoon video that teaches us a wonderful lesson in life. At first, you may not understand the message of the story, but here comes the last part that will reveal the story as a whole. The video is about an old woman who was patiently waiting for the train to come in order to ride home. While waiting, she saw a vacant seat with a boy on his earphones who might be waiting as well. So the old woman sat beside the boy and started reading her newspaper. The boy was eating the cookies besides her and she got irritated thinking that it was her own food. The old woman got aggravated when finally there’s only one more cookie left and the boy took it and was about to eat. The old woman nagged at him and was very mad so the boy split the cookie into halves and gave the other half to the old woman.

The train finally arrived and the old woman hurriedly got on the train to find a comfortable seat. When she opened her bag, she saw an unopened pack of cookies and she remembered that it was already the last piece when she bought it. The old woman then realized that the cookies being eaten by the boy was his and after all the old woman thought wrong. She may feel sorry about it but then it’s already late to apologize because the train is already leaving. It is such a beautiful lesson in life not to judge people too quickly without knowing who they really are. Words that have been spoken cannot be taken back so always make sure to hold your words not to hurt others.

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The more you judge, the less you love. Via: Motivational Quotes

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