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Girl Struggled with Stairs in A Football Stadium and Image of Police Officer Carrying Her Went Viral

When watching a football game live, it is always a challenge to go to your seat especially if you are seated on the upper deck. You should ready yourself because we all know what a big trek it can be.

At a recent Florida State University football game, Deputy C. Hall noticed a young woman was struggling to walk up the stairs of Doak Campbell Stadium. Luckily, her mother was there with her so he asked if he could help the young girl to which the mom quickly allowed.

Brittney Howard, one of the audiences of the game that day, saw the heroic act of the deputy so she took a Snapchat and posted it online.

“I just wanted to take a minute and recognize Deputy C. Hall that was working the Florida State football game Saturday night,” she wrote in her Facebook post. “This young girl that has difficulty walking was struggling to get up the steps to her seat, so he asked her and her mother if they would be okay with him carrying her. He walked at least 30 rows up to her seat and did not hesitate one bit in offering to do so.”

Brittney’s post went viral and many people commend the good deed that was done by the police officer. The Leon County Sheriff’s Office heard the news and praised the deputy for his good heart.

“Great job Deputy Hall! Thank you for being all in,” LCSO wrote on their Facebook account.

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