Girl Was Raped And Got Separated From Daughter, 77 Years Later Miracle Happened

We experience sorrow, tragedy, crimes, wars and various illnesses that make our life a bit harder and miserable. All of these happens for a reason. You may not know the reason behind all these things but in God’s time, everything will be revealed and you will understand God’s plan in your life.

Minka Disbrow has experienced the worst nightmare in her entire life. It was one fine day when she and her friend were walking into the woods getting ready for an afternoon picnic by the lake. Suddenly, there were strangers who cornered them and raped the girls. They were separated from each other and brutally raped by evil men. Months passed and Minka felt some changes in her body. Her hips were getting larger as well as her stomach was getting bigger. She had a hard time moving and shaking and felt some dizziness. Her mother told her about the changes brought by pregnancy but because they were scared of what people might tell them, they just kept it in secret.

When Minka gave birth, she has no other option but to give it up for adoption. She delivered a healthy baby girl named Betty Jane and although she doesn’t want to let go of her daughter, she was left with no choice. Minka prayed for Betty Jane all the days of her life since they parted ways. She was praying steadfastly to the Lord to give her a chance at least to see her daughter as she knows she might have a lot of grandchildren already. After 77 years, finally, a miracle happened. Watch the video below and check out how Minka and Betty Jane saw each other after a lot of years.

Mom and daughter reunite after 77 years…it’s never too late for a miracle
Support the book! For more information visit – Subscribe for more inspiring content! The Waiting: The True Story of a Lost Child, Lifetime of Longing, and a Miracle for a Mother Who Never Gave Up In 1928, 16-year-old Minka was on a picnic in the woods when she was assaulted and raped.