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Girls Lost Their Dad But Was Surprised When Teacher Asked Dad Something Heart Melting Before He Died

We all have that one great father who stood by our family through thick and thin. A man with a strong personality who will do everything in order to support his children. A Father who always expects his son to be a good person. They’re one of the best teachers in the world who teaches lessons based on their life experience. We might not imagine how hard it is to lose a father in the family. He’s supposed to be the last man standing when everyone else gets tired.

Luke Reece is a loving and hard-working father to his children and was also responsible to his wife. Luke is near to the heart of the people in their neighborhood as part of the Davison Michigan community so when he was rushed to the hospital, everyone prayed for a miracle. Unfortunately, the blood clots got worst and Luke ended his life at the age of 32. His family is drowned with sadness as well as his friends and the people on their community. But before he passed away, Steven Culbert his daughter’s former teacher dropped by his hospital bed and asked his permission on something that was really heartwarming. Steven asked Luke if he can go with her girls in the daddy-daughter dance. It was so generous of him to ask such thing so Luke did not think twice and said yes to Steven. His last wish before he died is to see his children happy and overcome struggles of everyday life.

Losing someone we love is a struggle that we need to move on. We may not see them anymore and we may not touch them physically, but their memories will last forever. There are people who suffer emotionally and with some other aspects in life and a simple act of generosity won’t bite! Show a simple act of kindness to people, who knows it might change their whole life.

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