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God Gave My Daughter A Vision of Jesus Coming Back Soon!

My daughter woke up this morning and immediately told me that God had shown her a vision while she was sleeping.

I had her write the whole thing down and then I asked her questions to get more detail. She said it was so real that when she woke up and realized she had been asleep she was disappointed that she was still here on earth.

This is what she wrote…the vision of Jesus coming back..

we were at home just doing what we normally do when suddenly we heard some screaming..

There was fire covering the whole area and a bunch of people were running to water to get to safety screaming “whats happening…why is there fire everywhere?!” And someone said “Jesus is coming back” “in the Bible it says … “next time Jesus comes back it will be fire not water and all who doesn’t believe in him will be thrown in the fire”

and then a bunch of non-Christians were asking satan to protect them and to go with him and some other non-christians were trying to get to water to escape from the fire and then the boat they were on turned into fire and some witchy lady with brown hair black and purple clothes and had some type of necklaces with a satanist star on it was saying “TAKE ME SATAN I WORSHIP I WANT TO GO WITH YOU” and a bunch of people were saying the same doing some weird movements

And I saw a lot of people going up there with Jesus and a lot of people screaming and crying because they were tossed in the fire and they were saying “why did i even worship satan and not Jesus please forgive me” but it was to late…….

More notes from Micah’s Vision:

We were home. She was in the boys room playing on her iPad. She heard screaming outside. Ran to look outside and saw fire everywhere. People were running. Someone said Jesus is coming back. She saw all of us with her. Sky was darker (Black, blue, red/orange)

We were with Jesus when she could see the ship. Looking down at a beach. The ship turned into fire. The water started turning into fire. People tried to jump off the ship and were screaming.

They all died and went under the water. This is all happening as we’re ascending to heaven. The witchy lady was still screaming for the Devil to take her. The devil turned into a dragon!

He grabbed a bunch of People and started taking them with him. Then we made it to heaven and she couldn’t see anything else.

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