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God Healed Me From Epilepsy

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Stanley Devries shares a powerful testimony of receiving freedom from a home sexual lifestyle and overcoming autism.

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Directed by Eric Villatoro
Edited by Eric Villatoro
Recorded at King of the Nations Church.

The mission of Delafé Testimonies is to create the world’s biggest archive of Jesus Testimonies.


00:00 – 00:47 Trailer
00:48 – 02:48 Religious Background
02:49 – 03:28 My Perspective of Jesus While Growing Up
03:29 – 05:48 My Life Before Following Jesus
05:49 – 08:50 My Personal Encounter with Jesus
08:51 – 09:37 The Holy Spirit Prompts Me to Go Back to Church
09:38 – 12:17 Experiencing God’s Deliverance & Provision for Myself
12:18 – 12:45 How to Be Content
12:46 – 17:12 What Jesus Has Done in My Life
17:13 – 19:23Advice to Anyone Who’s Struggling With Having Kids

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