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God Is Sowing Seeds for a Fertile Revival’ Says Actor Who Plays Jesus as ‘The Chosen’ Is Set to Blitz France

We have seen different movies telling the story of Jesus and educating people about the bible. Being a part of the cast is surely overwhelming and actor Jonathan Roumie will tell us exactly how he felt for playing the most important part of the movie, Jesus.

Jonathan Roumie is the one who played Jesus in the television series, “The Chosen.” He will be walking along Paris’ famed Champs-Elysees this week. Roumie tells CBN News how humbled he was by how God is using the show to touch millions of people around the world.

CBN News asked if Roumie pinch himself after realizing the importance of the role he’s playing and how well the show was done.

“I don’t know if I pinch myself, I’m more ‘bow my head to the ground’ because I never feel that I’m worthy of the things that are happening as a result,” Roumie replied.

It took the show three years after its premiere episode to hit the television screen. For the first time, it airs on France’s top TV channels.

One of the show’s producers, Katherine Warnock, said that to be on a major network is a first for them. They love their network so much and how their free app is available to the whole world but to be embraced by Canal, truly is an honor for them.

Roumie and the cast members joined 500 audiences for a showing of “The Chosen” at a Paris movie theater. People liked the show very much, one even said that the show was different from the other films about Jesus.

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“The Chosen” is the first multi-season TV show about Jesus. It is free to watch on their app but fans have given more than $40 million towards the production budget, making it the largest crowd-funded show in the entertainment industry.

There are already sixteen episodes of “The Chosen” that have been translated into 50 languages and more than 321 million people around the world have watched the series.

They plan to reach billions of people around the world so they aim to dub the series with the top 25 languages that are spoken in the world.

“We can’t reach a billion just in English, so to reach a billion we have to unlock more languages,” Jared Geesey with Angel Studios told CBN News.

One of France’s prominent evangelicals, Éric Célérier, hopes that through the characters in the show, people will connect not with the show but with Jesus.

“We are preparing the fields, we are preparing the hearts with season one, but I hope that season after season people will connect more and more with Jesus,” Célérier said.

Roumie posted on his Instagram “God is tilling the soil and sowing seeds for a fertile revival.”

“Is that what you hope will happen as a result of the showing of The Chosen?” CBN News asked during our interview in Paris.

“Yeah, I think it’s already happening, and I think we are an additional element of that story and of that accomplishment, by God, and I’m just honored to be a part of it,” Roumie said.

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