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Grandpa in Nursing Home Surprisingly Sings Together with Mallory, the Most Heartwarming “It Is Well”

Life is temporary and we will all come to a point that having fun is no longer our priority. We mature in different aspects of life and from there we make decisions based on our priorities in life. When we grow older, we have the tendency to be separated from our family. Our children will soon have their own family to raise or a job that requires them to stay far from us. These are all part of a life cycle. Things that we need to go through whether we like it or not. We may feel alone due to the changes in our family setting but do not forget that we have a God that will never let go of us. A Father who will never leave us in any situation.

Mallory Heading is from a small town of Plain City in Ohio, 30 minutes away from Columbus. She has lived there most of her life and she also happened to meet her husband there when she was in high school. She is a woman of God, she even decided to let go of everything and let God take hold of her life.

Mallory’s grandpa suffered from Dementia after that his wife couldn’t take care of him anymore and he was put into a nursing home. Mallory visited him there recently and something surprising happened! Mallory started to sing one of her Grandpa’s favorite song “It Is Well” and to her surprise, Grandpa joined her while singing the hymn.

It was a heart-melting moment that Grandpa was able to remember the song! The family was able to capture it on a video and it was a memorable moment for them to cherish forever.

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