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Granny Burst In Tears On 86th Birthday Because Of What Grandson Did, Unbelievable And Surprising!

The value of something is not based on how much it costs but is gauged according to the love of a person who made it possible. Birthdays are memorable events in life since it is a celebration of the precious gift that God has given us. We tend to celebrate it together with our loved ones. Food and drinks are usually shared on the table. Our hearts are filled with joy and excitement because of the presents that we receive during this day.

Iris Howard celebrated her birthday in a not so ordinary way. Without her knowing, her grandson prepared a surprise for her. Something that she wasn’t expecting and a bit different from the other birthdays that she has experienced before. She was thinking that she’s only gonna have a long drive with her grandson on her special day and go somewhere to celebrate. But she was surprised when she heard the breaking news on the radio. Her 86th birthday was announced and not only that, her friends and family members from afar gave a message for her birthday on air. When Iris heard it, she couldn’t help herself but burst in tears because that was so sweet! The messages were heart melting and this made the old woman cry.

True happiness cannot be found on things that we receive, not even on the food that we prepare during special occasions. The love and care from someone who is so dear to us can fill our hearts with joy. Watch the video below and witness how the sweet old lady explode in tears after that she was surprised by her grandson!

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