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He Was Raised for Jihad, until He Saw The Risen King! Powerful Testimony!

Brother Kareem recounts his journey from a devout Muslim upbringing to a transformative encounter with Christianity. Raised with a fervent commitment to Islam, the person aspired to martyrdom during the Iraq war but faced disappointment when the anticipated call to action never came. Feeling rejected by God, he delved into evangelization but found an intellectual gap in his understanding of Christian doctrines.

Frustrated, Kareem stumbled upon a Christian website that presented the Bible from Genesis to Jesus’ resurrection, challenging his preconceptions. This encounter prompted a shift in perspective, leading him to explore atheism before feeling a profound longing for God’s existence. A dream featuring Jesus Christ repeated, compelling he to reconsider their beliefs.

Skeptical but intrigued, Kareem challenged Jesus to appear again in the same dream, and astonishingly, the dream recurred with the same details. Convinced by this divine intervention, the person underwent a radical transformation, awakening as someone seeking truth. After three years of spiritual exploration, Kareem chose to embrace Christianity and were baptized.

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