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Hillsong’s Stirring Rendition Of The Lord’s Prayer Will Surely Lift Your Hands In Worship!

Simplicity is a beauty as we always say. In calmness, there is the peace that can give contentment and happiness in our hearts. In desperate moments, the best option that we have is to pray to God and ask for Him to rescue us. Asking for God’s help won’t bite and as so you know, is the most important weapon in every battle that we take. No greater weapon can conquer the enemy aside from the power of God. It is through prayer that we speak to Him in order for our requests to be made known. Pray anywhere and He will surely listen, for our God hears our prayer 24/7. Pray in any quiet room for He will answer the request of a faithful servant.

Hillsong Worship is famous for their gospel song renditions. The unique talent that these guys have is such a blessing for people to be more aware of the message of God. They have released several albums and even teenagers are familiar with their songs nowadays. It is the worship ministry that their talent suits best for the Lord have bestowed them unique voices that they can use in building God’s Kingdom.

Now they’re rocking it to the top with their stirring acoustic version of The Lord’s Prayer. This song is well known and we have already heard a various rendition of it. The lyrics were taken from the Holy Scriptures in Matthew 6:9-13 where Jesus is down on His knees praying to the Father in heaven. The message speaks about the time that Jesus is teaching us the proper way of how to pray. Talk to God in an empty room where you can focus and you will be free from distractions. Ask forgiveness of your sins as you also forgive those who have sinned against you. Ask for the Lord’s guidance to protect you from evil things and stay away from temptations that the world brings. Listen to Hillsong Worship and say a simple prayer while you reflect on the message of the song. God listens and He answers prayer!

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