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Home Inspector Found Dozens Of Love Letters, What He Decided To Do Will Warm Your Heart

Technology seems to be very fast nowadays. From sending letters down to telephones and now mobile phones that almost everyone has it. A generation passed and the way of communication is getting easier and accessible to all. But it is still sweet to remember the memories that you had during those good old days.  Writing a letter nowadays is considered to be sweet but sadly only a few prefer to do it.

Bob Nau is a home inspector who found dozens of love letters from a home in Arizona. He was trying to inspect different parts of the house when he came across the attic. He was surprised seeing a bunch of love letters that were written back in the 1950s. He was touched by the sentimental notes that he has read and it seems like he wanted to look for the owners of those love letters. He found out that the author was a Navy sailor named Roger Wright who passed away at the year 1981. However, Bob still determined to search for the family members who have the right to keep the letters.

We all have something that is close to our hearts. We have things at home that we keep and take care of because it serves as a sweet memory of our loved ones. Watch the video below to see Bob’s reaction when he found the love letters from the attic.

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