Hunk Musicians Presented “Sound Of Silence” Rendition Made Listeners Gave Surprising Reaction

Hunk Musicians Presented “Sound Of Silence” Rendition Made Listeners Gave Surprising Reaction

We’ve heard a lot of artists who made their way to success because of their brilliant talent. They’ve done a good job in their chosen career and now they’re experiencing the fruit of their hard work. We have heard a lot of renditions of the song “Sound of Silence” but only a few made the people stand in awe and left a place in their heart. There are songs that seem to be so loud in the market today but it only stays for a while and is being replaced by something new after a few weeks.

Simon and Garfunkel were an American folk rock duo which is well known by everyone who seems to be music lovers. Simon is a singer and also a songwriter at the same time while Garfunkel is also a brilliant singer. They were one of the best selling artists in the 1960s and they became famous icons of the social revolution. The song “Sound of Silence” became one of their greatest hits in the year 1964 and most of us are familiar to this song as we have heard a lot of renditions from some other artists. Nothing beats the sound of the original version and it leaves a space on our memory as well as a mark in our hearts that every time we hear the rhythm, we can’t stop but to sing.

It’s not just their song who made them reach the top of their career. In 2014, two handsome hunks made another cover of the song Sound of Silence and it gave the crowd some chills. Colm Keegan and Keith Harkin are both handsome hunks and their faces seem to get the attention of their fans. Their emotions every time they sing is perfect as well as their incredible masculine voice. Simon and Garfunkel met each other since they were young. They knew each other since elementary and they also attend the same school in Queens, New York. Watch the video below and check out Colm and Harkin’s version of the song Sound of Silence. You’ll truly love these handsome faces!

Mythology – The Sound of Silence
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