Husband Holds Up ‘I Love You’ Sign Everyday in Hospital Parking Lot to Support Wife in ICU

Patients who get infected with Covid usually have to spend time alone in a hospital until they recover. When Donna Crane fought Covid-19 in the ICU at a hospital in Florida in August, her husband ensured to show her moral support even in her isolated state. 

Gary Crane holds up the ‘I love you’ sign from the hospital parking lot every morning at 8 am before work. He made the gesture to cheer up Donna and make her less scared while battling the disease alone without family members around her.  

Source: Youtube. Port Orange woman survives COVID-19

“I just wanted her to know that because I know she was going to be scared and I couldn’t be there with her, and I just wanted her to know that I’m there,” Gary shared during an interview. 

Donna’s fight against Covid was challenging, and as the virus raged on, she developed an acute respiratory failure that landed her in the hospital. 

“The nurses would set me up in the bed … let me look out the window, let me see he was there at 8 am and I knew, ‘Ok, we’re going to, we’re going to do this,” she said. 

Gary could feel his wife’s fear when she got Covid. Thus, in mid-August, Gary decided to take her to the hospital in Florida. She was admitted there for ten days. 

Source: Youtube. Port Orange woman survives COVID-19

“I couldn’t see him, and that was the hardest part not being able to have somebody there,” she shared.

Donna, a resident of Port Orange, survived the difficult phase when the doctors had to let her wear oxygen tubes. She considered her recovery as her second chance at life with her spouse and her grandkids. 

“We just found out, my daughter is expecting,” Donna told the outlet. “We’re going to be grandparents, and that went through my mind. I want to hold my baby.” 

Covid-19 Latest Facts

As of September 9, Florida has 12 636 new Covid patients. Meanwhile, the United States has a total of 170,460 new Covid patients. 

In April 2020, the Port Orange government initiated its Phase 1 plan to reopen the city for businesses and at the same time keep customers, employees, and workers safe from the virus. 

To help families cope with the financial crisis during the pandemic, the Volusia County Council approved a $2.5 million grant program that bestows cash assistance to nonprofit organizations and their employees. 

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