‘I Fight For God’: Boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. Says He Owes His Life To God

Christian boxer Andy Ruiz Jr., who is often called as a “fat slob” in the boxing world, says that he fears no one except God. He also dedicates his winnings on the ring to God because he owes Him his life.

The heavyweight boxer praised and glorified God and said that “God is everything” on a Seti Afoa video posted on YouTube. In it, Ruiz Jr. talked about his Christian influence and how God helped him through the years since childhood and so, he always dedicates his triumphs to Him.

“I don’t think I would be here without Him, without His help. He’s always been in my life since I was a little kid. I’m a Christian, and I believe in God. I fight for God,” Ruiz Jr. said, adding “On my fighting shorts, it says, ‘God is real.’ When I win, I’m going to give all the glory to God. If you believe in God, everything is possible.”

The 30-year-old had a rough start in life. He grew up in a bad neighborhood where drugs and crimes were prevalent. Some members of his family were either involved with drugs or in a gang. He always found himself on street fights, protecting his friends.

His dad sought a better future for him and encouraged him to join boxing, which steered him in the right direction. He eventually made a name for himself in the ring and people called him “The Destroyer.”

However, outside of the ring, the Mexican American pro boxer is just like any other Christian: fear God and loyal to His teachings. He said he is “scared of no one except God.” And just like other faithful Christians, he always gives thanks to God for lifting him up and steering him away from trouble.

Ruiz Jr. testified that despite his past, without God he wouldn’t be where he is today. His message for others who led a troubled past is to “just believe in God and work hard.” Because he believes that with Him “everything is possible.”

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