Inspirational Gospel Song “Still” Tells God’s Word Through Animated Video

Jesus died on the cross of Calvary to wash away our sins and when He left the earth, He also left us a great responsibility of carrying His cross. For Christians, you might have experienced people trying to mock you because of your faith or try to question your faith in God. You need to be firm with what you believe and make sure we tell it to others.

God has ordered us to share His word with others and tell them about your personal testimony of how God changed your life that they may be inspired. Being a Christian is not just by simply going to church every Sunday but it comes with a greater responsibility of being a fisher of men. God suffered by carrying the cross that’s supposed to be for us. What He did is the best example of what we call sacrificial love. There’s no greater love than the love of Jesus for His children.

We have heard a lot of inspirational songs from Hillsong and one of the best that they got is “Still” which is indeed heart melting. Despite all the troubles that come along the way, Jesus wants us to be strong. Through His power we can do all things and we no longer need to worry about tomorrow because God is in control of everything.

Still By Hillsong (a very inspiring video)
CREDiTS TO THE OWNER. i do not own this video. Just saw this on facebook. please watch this video. thanks 🙂 keep safe guys. God Bless. Much Love :).

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