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Inspiring Testimony: Even Going Through Many Troubles, But Never Felt God So Closer

Two weeks before I get remarried in a Church this time, to the father of my kids he took his life.

He suffered from addiction and mental illness. He dies In a public way, it’s plastered all over the news. And people knew my family. Can you imagine?

I’m pregnant with our fifth child. Everything was stolen from my family. People who should have cared betrayed us and treated me and my kids harshly.

Could I still stand for God? Yes. His power works best in my weakness. So I learned very heavy on Jesus. I was losing my baby. But I refused to give in to what“ they said”. So I stood on God’s word for healing and he lived. Barely pregnant I endured that year the death of my little brother and five others In my family.

Funeral after funeral, death after death. And God was powerfully working, sustaining us and softening the blow.

Then as I’m going on my ninth month of pregnancy, my daughter age 15 gets a rare form of ovarian cancer. Stage 3. She needed me. We would need to stay a week at a time for cancer treatment far from home. I am big as a house.  I’m thinking“ I need to go into labor so I can have this baby and help my daughter.”So right when I found out she had cancer I prayed“put me into labor Lord.”

That same night I went into labor had the baby, he had jaundice had to stay in the hospital a couple days with him while making phone calls to set up chemo for my daughter and surgery. The Lord saw me through all of those trials that happened in one year. I did not have time for anything but survival and focusing on God and what was at hand. I can also tell you God has never been closer to me and my family. I felt his presence surrounding us daily. The righteous go through many troubles but the Lord sees them through each and everyone.

I’m now happily walking in a season of victory and it’s payback time. I love you don’t ever give up, and give the devil a reason to get nervous!

-Lisa C Moreno

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