LifestyleJack And Ozzy’s Visit To Ark Encounter Gave Shocking Reaction

Jack And Ozzy’s Visit To Ark Encounter Gave Shocking Reaction

Most of us are familiar to the story of Noah when God commanded him to build an Ark a long time ago. Obedience is a desirable trait and just like Noah, we’ve heard a lot of incredible stories in the Bible about the disciples of Jesus who lived their life as obedient children of God. Follow what God wants you to do and walk the path that the Lord has prepared and surely you will receive abundant blessings from Him.

Ozzy Osbourne is the lead vocalist of a heavy metal band Black Sabbath. He is also a songwriter, an actor and a reality television star. The rock-and-roll singer together with his son Jack recently paid a visit to the famous Ark Encounter in Kentucky. The 800-acre theme park was designed based on the Bible. It is a replica of the Ark built by Noah wherein the dimensions were measured based on the instructions given by God to Noah. Ozzy and Jack were surprised of the beautiful exhibit inside the theme park because it was truly spectacular.

The staff inside the museum were accommodating and they welcomed Jack and Ozzy with a warm smile and a heart full of joy. The Ark Encounter’s mission is to promote the gospel and prove to people that the flood experienced by Noah a long time ago is 100% true. They continue to encourage people especially those who doesn’t believe in the Scriptures to visit the incredible attraction that was built through faith.

Arc Encounter Life size Noah’s Ark Walkthrough & Information
Welcome to Ark Encounter. It is a real life size replica of Noah’s ark from biblical times. It is located in Williamstown Kentucky, 1.5 hours east of Louisville, 45 minutes south of Cincinnati and 45 minutes north of Lexington Kentucky.

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