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Jesus Came To Me In A Dream Where I Saw Him Getting Ready For The Rapture

My name is Delilah and I’m here to tell you about a very important message. A message that I dreamed about in October of last year. I can’t believe I took this long to tell you this that’s why there’s a sense of urgency in what I have to tell you.

You see God is coming very very soon. I felt his presence in my dream. I can remember vividly that night I was very emotional and I asked God to give me a dream that shows where my life is heading. I want Him to tell me through my dream what my purpose in life is and he answered. 

I remember in my dream that I was laying down and sleeping in this big area outside and people were just walking right by me. I simply ignored them then I see myself in front of my house where I saw a field of small plants like growing new vegetation. These were small little tiny plants like baby plants. Then I saw a man dressed all in white looking down at me but I couldn’t see his face. I just knew that I was looking at Jesus and he said to me “have you seen anything as beautiful as these?”

I looked around and I saw my mother and aunt holding growing plants in a pot. Jesus told me to take my hand out and I did and he placed these seeds into my hand and said “here and now go and plant these.” The next thing I saw I was back on the big area outside but this time I wasn’t sleeping but preaching to the people about Jesus. Then there was this person kneeling asking for forgiveness and calling to Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Then I saw a veil being lifted from their eyes just flying up and it looked amazing. 

Then I was taken outside a palace where I see tables being prepared for a big banquet. I also saw a sparkly veil like those in fantasy stories and I saw Jesus in front of me. He was with me the whole time. I turned around and I saw this huge angel with huge wings and a huge sword in his hand. He was guarding the veil. Then I saw people gathered outside the veil but they looked different. I heard Jesus spoke to me telling me not to be afraid because those were the people who rejected him. 

I followed Jesus into the castle but found myself walking through a dark cabin where I saw a sickly old man guarded by two children and two flaming eyes looking straight at me. I felt so afraid that I began praying.

I know God gave me the dream so I can preach Christianity.  The seeds represent our faith as Christians and we should not be afraid to speak about Him. This dream changed the way I see things tremendously. It reminded me that Jesus is coming to welcome us all and he is waiting for his bride. He was getting ready to come and get us and this is the urgency I’ve been feeling. My dream dates back to the book of Revelation to the end of times. 

I’m here to tell you to repent and to accept God as your Lord and Savior because he is coming for us. God loves you. 


Dream of Jesus getting ready for the rapture

Jesus has a message for all of us and he’s getting ready to collect his bride.

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