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John Turner Shares Excitement With Wife And Boys Through Album Teaser “I Serve A Savior” Must Watch!

They say that loving God is the greatest virtue. Loving Him is partnered with an act of service. We all have different ways to serve the Lord. Everyone has a calling and all you need to do are following His voice within your heart and letting Him rule your life. Our God is a jealous God, serve Him and serve only Him. There’s no greater love in this world than the love of Jesus to humanity and there’s no reason for us not to bring Him back the glory. Faithful servants are being rewarded by their masters and while we are living, God should be the only master that we need to serve.

Josh Turner is an American country gospel singer and actor. He grew up in the church and developed his talent in singing but also had a lesion in his right vocal cord. He was examined by the Vanderbilt voice clinic where doctors advised him to let it heal on its own. Surgery was not necessary to be done but he was advised to rest his voice for a year. Now Josh Turner is back to his Christian roots with a new album “I Serve a Savior”. He is so excited because his wife and their boys will perform in some of the songs included on the album.

Turner’s new album is something that can truly inspire the hearts of his listeners. This is something that we can reflect on and make us realize the importance of serving God. Watch the album teaser below and see how Josh Turner has prepared for his come back! Don’t let a single day pass without knowing God in your life. Be a good example and let people know that it is a Savior that you serve!

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