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Judge Caprio’s Unexpected Reunion With A Bad Boy Who Thanks Judge in Tears for His Words in 20 Years Ago

A day will come that we soon realize the main reason why we exist. During our early childhood, we do not pay attention to what our parents tell us. We are living in a world of fun disregarding important advice that we need to take seriously.

Judge Caprio is the chief municipal judge of Providence, Rhode Island. People loved his heartfelt take on justice. His brother Joseph started filming the court cases 20 years ago and it went viral when they were posted on the internet. One of those is the story of Jose Jimenez that can touch your heart due to an honest testimony.

Jose Jimenez appeared in front of Judge Caprio to discuss his two parking tickets. He said he paid the first ticket but he was not aware of the second one and didn’t even receive a letter by mail. He was given an additional fine for the late fee because they claimed to receive his payment late. Jose told Judge Caprio that he paid it on time so the judge took his word and waived the late fee. Everything was set and the judge told Jose that he can leave already but he still got something to say.

Watch the video below and be amazed at how Judge Caprio changed Jose’s life 20 years ago!

Know your priorities in life. As early as now, determine what you want to be in the future. God has a better plan for you and you will be continually blessed as long as you do not depart from His ways.

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