Kind Man Called For Help Seeing Man Hanging From Roof Tangled With...

Kind Man Called For Help Seeing Man Hanging From Roof Tangled With Christmas Lights, Discovered He Was Fooled

It is a normal response to stimuli that every time we see people having an emergency, we rush and call for help. It is a human nature to be kind to others and help them when they’re in need. Most of us are softhearted that we easily show sympathy to the needy even if we don’t know them personally. This personality is something that makes Jesus happy. Help others just like we see Christ in them and save them from danger.

Chris Heerlein and his wife Hannah joined a contest of having the best Christmas decorations in their neighborhood. The couple’s idea was unique and one of a kind so no doubt they won the competition. They followed the idea from the movie “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” where Chevy Chase played the role of a man who tripped to hang on the roof while decorating the gutters with colorful lights. A man named Alfred Norwood Jr. passed by the house of the Heerlein’s and saw the man hanging on the roof. He immediately called for help and looked for a ladder to rescue the man without knowing that it was just a mannequin that was hanging on the roof.

Later on, he found out that the whole scene was just a trick but the couple appreciate his good heart and in return, they gave Alfred gift cards and Christmas presents. He then figured out that it was just a decoration that was kinda tricky and he couldn’t believe he was fooled. The passerby could have been tricked but what is more amazing is that he truly has a good heart and a helping hand. Appreciate people who are always there to help you every time you fall. They are God’s angel and God sent them as an instrument for you to remember that whatever happened, God is always there to catch you if you fall.

Good Samaritan Calls 911 to Rescue ‘Man’ Dangling From Roof in Holiday Display
A good Samaritan in Texas thought he was responding to an emergency after he saw what appeared to be a person hanging from a roof, tangled in Christmas lights. The would-be hero was captured on camera trying to move a ladder to come to the man’s rescue, screaming for help and eventually calling 911.

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