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Larry the Cable Guy Says ‘THANK YOU, JESUS!’ As He Talks About How He Got His Role in Pixar’s ‘Cars’

Tough-built and bearded—you wouldn’t think that Larry The Cable Guy is the type that cries. Known to be a comedian, people would most likely see him laugh or he would make other people laugh as he comes on stage. But he can’t stop those tears from falling as he talks about his role in Pixar’s animated film ‘Cars’.

‘Who doesn’t love Mater? For the millions all around the globe who watched ‘Cars’ Mater is probably one of the most loved characters in the animated film. That funny tow truck reflects so much of Larry’s character. No wonder his voice brought Mater’s character to life! Larry shared the story of how he got the good news.

Maggie, who is currently his manager, told him to check his fax machine because there’s a really good offer. And as he checked it, it was actually an offer from Pixar that he received. He was expecting that it was an offer to audition for the character since it’s a Pixar movie. But what happened next was something Larry wasn’t expecting!

‘”You got the part,” says Maggie. “I got the…I got the…huh! Really?” And I started crying,’ Larry said as he recalls his reaction upon receiving the news. “It was amazing!… I think about that moment, it just makes me happy,” Larry laughingly says with tears of joy in his eyes. “It’s an emotional thing when I talk about it because I worked so hard…then all of a sudden there’s this letter from Pixar and they gave me the part. You’ve got to be kidding me! THANK YOU, JESUS!” You can just feel the joy as Larry shares how happy he is to get Mater’s character. The joy that he felt at that moment just caused him to thank Jesus.

Larry the Cable Guy emotionally recounts the moment he realized he landed the role as Mater in Pixar’s “Cars,” including why it remains the greatest thing to ever happen to him and how it was the culmination of everything he’d worked for up until that moment. Want to see more?

This movie took Larry’s career on a whole new level. And it’s amazing to see this tough looking guy crying out of joy and thanking Jesus for every good thing that’s happening in his life.

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