Lauren Daigle Had Everyone Praising God Early Morning Through GMA Show

Lauren Daigle Had Everyone Praising God Early Morning Through GMA Show

The moment you accept Jesus in your life, it is already expected that trials will come along the way to test your faith in Him. These tests are meant to strengthen your faith in Him and become better as a Christian. People might discriminate you for who you are or discourage you because of your belief as the enemy works in their lives. Temptations will be stoned to you and it depends on how long your faith can take it.

Lauren Daigle is an American contemporary Christian music singer who is known for her great talent in the music industry. Lauren is at her full potential and her fans loved her songs especially the gospels. Lauren has received a lot of tests in life not just as an artist but most especially as a Christian. During her guesting in Ellen’s show, Lauren faced a lot of criticisms especially when she answered a question about homosexuality.

Lauren’s recent performance in Good Morning America garnered a lot of support from her fans and fellow Christians. A mother posted something about in Twitter that touched the heart of Lauren Daigle. She’s trying to share to everyone that it was good to see her daughter Harper praising God early in the morning as they have watched Lauren’s live performance on GMA. It is always such a nice feeling to sing praises and glory to God thanking Him for the gift of life.

Lauren Daigle Performs “You Say” Live on Good Morning America
Lauren Daigle’s live performance of “You Say” live on Good Morning America. Recorded live on December 20, 2018.

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