LifestyleLittle Baby Cries At Night, Dad Was Surprised When Baby Fooled Him

Little Baby Cries At Night, Dad Was Surprised When Baby Fooled Him

Being a parent requires patience towards the responsibility of becoming one. Children give happiness to parents and they are the greatest treasure a parent could have. They start as a cute little baby that needs all the attention and care in the world until they grow older and time will come that they will be in charge of taking care of their parents.

Having a baby at home is a little bit tiring. You need to adjust your body clock because most babies are awake during night time which is not the usual time to be awake. A cute intelligent baby fooled her dad one night. Daddy was trying so hard to put his little baby to sleep on the crib when his baby made a joke out of him as captured on the camera. This little girl had a very brilliant idea to get dad’s attention giving her back rubs that she loved.

What she did is she cried so loud in order for dad to wake up and come to check her. The moment dad is already near the crib, she pretends to be asleep waiting for the back rubs. She did it a lot of times and that was so cute of her! I’m pretty sure daddy did not get all the sleep that he wanted that night but he got no choice but to take care of this pretty little baby. Parents should have longer patience because being a parent needs unlimited love and care to your children. The love of a parent to his children is unconditional just like how God loved us by sending His only Son into the world to save us all from our sins. Check out the video and you will surely enjoy this little baby’s trick to daddy!

Baby cries while in crib, pretends to sleep when dad walks in
Dad is trying his best to get his baby down to sleep, but she has a different idea! Check out what she does! Source & embed code: For licensing, please email

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