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Little Boy With Leg Problems Get In To The Finish Line Because Of Determination Perseverance

God has made each one of us through His likeness and own image. We were created as unique individuals though there are some who were born with disabilities. They may find life a bit harder than normal people do, but at the end of the day, God is always on their side guiding every step that they take. God loves His children and no matter how pretty or ugly you look. He treats all of us equally and does not mind about your skin color, race and even economic status in life.

A video of a little boy who is suffering from weak limbs and is using a mobility aid was caught running the race of his life together with some other normal kids who can walk and run easily. This little boy showed determination and perseverance as he really wanted to reach the finish line. He encountered hardships because of his leg condition but he didn’t stop. He still continued running even if some other runners were already away far from him.

Life is never easy all the time and reaching our goals in life is worth the success especially if you experienced something worst. There may be obstacles along the way, but trusting God is something that we need to learn in order to stop you from worrying. Watch the video below and be inspired by this cute little guy who is determined to succeed over a mountain of problems.

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We can all learn from him.a true champ.

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