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Little Girl Asked Advise From Granny Regarding Celebrity Crush, Conversation Was A Whole Lot Of Fun

There’s always one member of our family that we are comfortable talking to or sharing our problems and secrets. Somebody who would listen to us and give us good advise for us to follow or think about. Most of the ladies are more comfortable talking to their moms because women share the same thoughts while men, on the other hand, talk to their dad right away.

Most of the time grandchildren share secrets to their grandma. Some people say that if your mom and dad would not allow you to do something, ask permission from grandma because she will surely say yes! Grandparents seldom say no to their grandchildren because of their big love for them. Most of the time they would grant every wish their grandkids want. The same goes for this cute little girl named Mila. One day, she talked to her granny about her greatest secret of having a celebrity crush.

Mila has a great crush on Justin Bieber just like most of the girls do. Mila told granny about this matter and she asked her about what she needs to do in order to grab Justin Bieber’s attention. Granny gave a lot of advises although some of them are already outdated. Granny told Mila to send a direct message to Justin Bieber to get his attention. Watch the video below of how their conversation went through. You’ll surely find this sweet girl funny!

Mila gets relationship advise from Grannie
2 year old Mila likes a boy

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