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Little Girl Suffers from Alopecia, Dad Shaved His Hair Too! Being without Hair Is Nothing Important!

Parents’ love for their children is unconditional. Whatever circumstances life may bring, their love will never change. This is something that we should be thankful to our parents. They would even choose to be hurt rather than seeing their children suffer. They would prefer hurting themselves rather than doing something that could hurt their children. They are normal people who want the best for their children, a better life and a better future.

A little girl suffers from Alopecia, also known as spot baldness. It is a condition where a person is losing hairs from some or all areas of the body. A common known cause of such condition is psychological stress. We all take good care of our hairs as we call it the crown of our physical being. Some people put colors on it while others have it natural. This little girl who suffered from Alopecia might feel different in some ways just because she’s seeing some people with hairs while she, on the other hand, is bald. But what is amazing is what her father did. He asked his daughter to shave his hair to let her feel that hair is not important. He doesn’t want his little girl to feel sad just because she looks different without her hairs.

Parents would always want their children to be happy. They feel sad every time they see their children in a worst situation. When our parents reach the age where they can no longer take good care of themselves, it is the responsibility of a child to repay their sacrifices by letting them feel being loved and taken cared of. Check out the video and see how sweet daddy is to his little girl. This is so heart melting!

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