Premature twins separated at birth ‘cuddle and hold hands’

Premature twins, Neve and Louie, embracing each other.

A moving photo of two newborn babies embracing each other has been circulating social media. While it is a sight to behold, the story behind it is much more inspiring.

The twins are Laura Hough’s babies whom she gave birth to despite challenging circumstances. 

On March 8, Neve and Louie were born at the Liverpool Women’s Hospital via emergency Caesarean section at just 30 weeks.

Her daughter, Neve, was born weighing just 1 lb 7 oz (652g) and was said not to survive. On the other hand, her brother, Louie only weighed 3 lbs 3 oz (1.5kg) and was immediately taken to a specialist.

At birth, the two were separated. It was unbelievable and heartbreaking, said their mother. She said that the birth was scary because of being told in the last few weeks of pregnancy that her daughter might not make it alive.

The complication in Neve was that she had reverse blood flow and did not get the proper nutrients. But even being so tiny, she did not need any assistance from oxygen. The doctors marveled at the bravery and strength of little Neve.

Likewise, Louie had some problems. Both his lungs collapsed so he was treated to drain the air out of his lungs. 

The twins had to be taken care of in different areas in the hospital.

But a miracle by way of prayers happened. The two slowly and steadily recovered until they were able to be put in the same incubator.

Neve and Louie were finally able to meet. The twins were put side to side. According to their mother, they began to wrap their legs to one another and even held each other’s hands at one point. 

“They were so cute,” said their mother.

The twins went home last May. 

Matthew 19:14 is a passage where we are reminded that children have a special place in God’s heart.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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