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Losing One Kid Suddenly, Mom Missed Him So Much Even The Noise He Made, Cherish Family Every Moment!

Parents are blessed with kids who give them happiness in life. While they’re still young, we tend to shout inside our house because a headache that they give. Kids are messy at times and tend to shout especially when they’re playing. Toys are scattered everywhere and you often step on it then you get mad and irritated. But have you ever imagined life without your kids?

Heather Duckworth is a mother of four kids who lost one of them because of an illness. That incident broke her heart and gave her too much pain. But by God’s grace, she was able to recover because of the strength that the Lord gave her. She was left with three kids and when they grew older, they were separated to Heather since they need to go to college. They only return home every weekend and that’s the time that they can stay with the family. Heather missed the old times when they’re still kids roaming around the house, scattering their toys that she need to clean after playing and the noise when they play around. Now that they’re grown-ups, Heather missed their giggles and the happiness that they give. Now their house is full of silence and this makes her feel sad but can’t wait for the weekend to come.

Our life is a never-ending cycle full of changes. Things that we have right now may not be the same anymore as time passes by. Cherish every moment with your kids while they’re still young. Appreciate the mess that they give while they’re still kids that you need to take care because when they grow old and you seldom see them, they will surely be missed.

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