Lunch Lady Cried In Tears After Knowing Santa’s Surprise For Her, Unexpected Yet Happiest Day

Surprises are brought by people used by God to give us happiness in life. There are times that we think we’re desperate enough to experience circumstances in life and we lose chances to survive. We may think that God is asleep and He doesn’t hear our prayers and you’re totally wrong! Everything that we ask in His name is heard by God. It’s just that not everything is given to us in an instance because of some reasons.

Jesus answers prayer with a Yes because He knows it will give you a brighter future. Sometimes He says No because maybe there is something better for you to achieve and most of the time He says Wait, to test your patience and it could be the wrong time for you to receive what you ask for. A lunch lady was sick and supposed to be not having her work hours for that day because she was not feeling well. But despite being ill, she still chose to attend to her job. Her name is Cheryl Stewart who is thankful to be a colon cancer survivor and works at Teton High School in Driggs as a lunch lady. She also has a lot of part-time jobs in order to cope up with her expenses. She is a hard working woman and she always shows determination towards work. One day, a man in Santa suit has chosen to surprise this landlady.

Cheryl’s van is broken so as of the moment she’s using a borrowed car. Secret Santa delivered a big surprise to Cheryl after receiving an anonymous letter. He gave the lunch lady $100 and not only that, along with the money was key for her brand new car that is waiting outside. Cheryl almost collapses when she knew that she will be receiving her new car on that day. She was screaming along the hallway, her eyes full of tears and couldn’t express the happiness that she felt that day. Watch the video below and check out how Secret Santa made Cheryl the happiest person on Christmas day.

Lunch lady nearly collapses as she receives stunning gift from Secret Santa
DRIGGS – Cheryl Stewart is a colon cancer survivor who works at Teton High School in Driggs as a lunch lady. She also cleans the U.S. Forest Service building and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seminary building. Cheryl makes rolls for all the funerals in the Teton Valley.

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