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Man Helped Stranger Walking In The Rain, Was Surprised Of what Happened After 3 Years

We help people every time we feel the urge of helping without expecting anything in return. We can’t deny the fact that it gives us happiness and knowing that you have helped someone satisfies you as a person. You feel happy every time you know that somebody felt good because of you. Helping others is a gift that makes people realize that Jesus is always on His feet to rescue us every time we need help. He sends somebody to be there for us, someone who can be an answered prayer.

Chris Wright was driving their way home one rainy day. He was with his family and they just got off from church that day. Along the way, he saw a woman on the road who might have trouble with her car and she was desperately walking in the rain. Chris eventually got home with his family when he felt the urge of coming back to help the woman on the road. He told his wife Carmen that he really need to go back because he knows that someone needed his help. So Chris offered help and he knew that the woman was Tunde Hector. She ran out of gas and money and was really in trouble that time. Chris filled up her car tank with gas and gave all the cash in his wallet. Tunde was so thankful for his kindness and was glad that somebody cared for a stranger like her.

Three years later, Chris totally forgot all about Tunde and is now focused on his mom Judy who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It was out of blue when Judy and her husband Phil was talking to Chris and Carmen about a particular nurse aid who was taking good care of Judy. The nurse shared her story to them about how her life changed when a stranger helped her last 2014. Chris was surprised and remembered the stranger that he helped way back 3 years ago. And when they met the nurse aid, Chris was surprised that it was Tunde and their paths crossed again. Unfortunately, Judy passed away and Tunde was there because she cares for Judy a lot. Tunde is still in school and was worried about the remaining tuition that she can’t afford to pay. But Chris showed kindness another time around by raising funds to support Tunde’s needs.

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