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Man Helps the Little Girl Didn’t Expect Her Grandfather Was the One Who Showed Kindness to Him in 7 Years Old

A person’s kindness is something that others will remember for the rest of their lives. People may forget the way you look, how classy you dress up or they may even forget how they met you. But one simple act of kindness will let them remember your good heart forever.

An old woman came into the grocery store to buy some goods for the family together with her grandchildren. It was her husband’s birthday so her granddaughter was so excited to buy a cake. When They reached the counter, it was so unfortunate that they do not have enough money to pay for the fruitcake so the old woman told the little that they have to buy it next time when having enough money.

Sadness and disappointment were shown at the face of the little girl. The Lord is so good and faithful that He always sends an angel to rescue His children. A tall young man who was next in line at the counter decided to get the cake instead. He rushed into the old woman and gave the cake to the little girl trying to help with the situation. He told them a story that happened a long time ago when he was still young and was caught up in the same situation. It was his birthday when an old man showed some care to him and did the same thing. He then handed a note to the little girl saying “A Simple Act of Caring Creates an Endless Ripple” same note that he received from the old man a long time ago.

The young man was trying to show kindness with his simple act of caring as he wants to pay it forward. It could be a simple way of helping but this is something that can change somebody’s point of view towards life. Help others without expecting anything in return for the Lord our God is faithful and just to reward us with heavenly treasures.

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