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Man Saved Cubs From Danger, 7 Years Later Their Reunion Was Unbelievable

Animals are part of God’s creation and they are part of the puzzle of His masterpiece. God has given animals the chance to live and therefore, they should be treated with love and compassion. We have heard a lot of news about people being unkind to animals and there is already a certain law being applied to these harmful citizens. Animals try to survive just like human and they also want to protect their offsprings.

We have a lot of organizations recently that aims to protect animals especially endangered species. Kevin Richardson is one of them and this man has a good heart for big cats. He was given the chance to rescue two baby lions named Meg and Amy. He brought them into safety and made some interventions to keep them safe from danger. It was after 7 years that he decided to go back and look for the cubs that he rescued a decade ago.

After rescuing Meg and Amy, years have passed and they learned how to hunt and survive on their own. They cannot just depend on their lives to human. So when Kevin went back to the area where the lioness roams, he felt extremely nervous about what will happen. He’s not sure of what will be their reaction or if they’re still able to recognize him. But when Kevin had the chance to face the lioness, he was shocked that they still know him way back 7 years ago. Watch the video below and see Kevin’s encounter with the wild lioness.

GoPro VR BTS: For the Love of Lions
In loving memory of Cecil (c. 2002 – July 1, 2015) Watch the VR exclusively on Facebook: Go Behind the Spherical with Kevin Richardson and Meg & Amy, two rescued lionesses, who show us how to hunt with the pride and how to overcome their fear of water through trust and friendship.

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