LifestyleMom And Daughter’s Makeover Result Shocked Everyone, Makeover Guy Did Not Disappoint!

Mom And Daughter’s Makeover Result Shocked Everyone, Makeover Guy Did Not Disappoint!

As another new year is about to come, everyone wants to have something different for the upcoming days especially women. We all know how women love to do some makeovers like trimming their hairs and putting a different color to make it look new this time. Women are a bit choosy when it comes to the clothes that they wear up to the style of their hair that would perfectly match the shape of their face.

The same thing goes for a mom Cheryl and her daughter Jenny. They wanted to look pleasing and they’re up to try a different hairstyle this time. The hair is considered to be the crown of the women and they always feel happy every time somebody approach them telling that they look good with their hair. Cheryl and Jenny drove from South Dakota to meet Christopher Hopkins who is also known as the makeover guy. Chris and his team started to become famous due to their YouTube tutorials and their kindness in giving a free makeover to couples.

Cheryl agreed to have his hair cut and it goes the same with Jenny who wanted to get rid of her cobalt long hair. It took a few hours to do the makeover for both of them but their time wasn’t put into waste because they loved the result of what Chris and his team did. Cheryl looked 10 years younger with her new hairstyle and Jenny’s hair was so amazing after the touch of a makeover guru. Both of them were so happy because Chris and his team did not disappoint! Watch the video below and find out the result of the mother and daughter makeover.

Mother and Daughter BOTH CHOP off their LONG Hair MAKEOVERGUY® #makeover
Cheryl and her daughter Jenny drove in from South Dakota for a little Mother Daughter makeover fun. Even though Jenny is 34 years old and should, by now, know better decided to color her long hair a cobalt blue. Let’s just say, that color ain’t coming out, EVER, no matter how much bleach you have on hand.

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