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Mom Of 4 Struggles to Pay Dying Husband’s Medical Bills, Then She Receives Big Tip of $12,000

When Jessica Robredo’s husband, Robert, was diagnosed with testicular cancer, they did all they could to fight together. But their fight was not enough to keep them going until strangers helped them push through until the end.

The couple had four children at the time of the diagnosis which made it even more difficult for the young mother to juggle all the responsibility. Add the fact that battling cancer was also a tall financial hill to climb.

Help began when her second-grade teacher learned about the devastating news. Kimberly Hitchcock-Squires said that she wanted to help her friend. She talked to local news outfits who created a plan to surprise the Robredo family.

On the day of the surprise, Fox5 sent some undercover agents to give a tip to Jessica. The first tip she received was $200. The next one was $300. Now, Jessica couldn’t believe that strangers were giving her these tips.

Then another man left a $500 tip for her. Then finally, a man in a suit asked how much the other man gave and when he learned about it, he gave her $2000! Jessica was in tears and was very thankful.

It was then that the news crew came in. They handed her a box and when she opened it, there was $10,000. She was so happy! That day, Jessica received $12,000 worth of tips.

In addition to the financial help, they also gave hotel accommodations to where Robert was getting his treatment so that Jessica can have a place to stay and a car so that she can drive to him anytime without the need to commute.

Jessica said, “I had no idea, I thought it was just me and my family out there trying to do this.”

Robert passed away on August 12, 2016. The Robredo family thanks the people who helped out. The battle was tough but with the help of families, friends, and strangers, they were able to pull through.

God uses different people in our lives to help up. 1 Peter 5:7 says “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for us”.

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