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Mom Proud of Youth Son, Who is Burger King Employee and Did It to Homeless Man

A simple act of kindness is something that can change a person’s point of view. We may think that the world is full of sin where people are greedy enough just to make sure they would survive. But in some aspect of life, there are still people existing who has a humble heart to help those in need. People who are so generous enough to show others that they care about what other people are going through. The world may be cruel, but there is one person who overpowers it and that is God.

Matthew Resendez is a young employee from a local branch of Burger King. He was raised by his mom as a good and kind hearted man who always knows how to determine the good and the bad. Our children’s characteristics depend on the things that they learn from their parents. At a very young age, we need to teach them positive traits that they may show a difference in a world that we live in.

It was one fine day when a homeless man tried to buy a meal in Burger King to feed his hunger. The man showed 50 cents that he was holding and asked Matthew if there is any on the menu that he can buy. Anything just to fill his empty stomach. Upon looking at the homeless man, Matthew did not even think twice. He grabbed his card and paid for a hearty meal and give it to the homeless man. Without his knowledge, a woman who was also there during that time saw what he did and he was amazed by the simple act of kindness that Matthew did. The woman gave Matthew a decent tip because she was so happy with the teen’s generosity.

Matthew’s mom Michelle, heard about what he did and she was so happy that she played a big part in raising this young kind-hearted man. She was so proud that she couldn’t help herself from posting it on the internet that others may reflect on it.

We may not expect people to help us all the time but God uses them as instruments for us to believe that despite the cruel happenings in the world today, there are still good and kind-hearted people who exist. Show others a simple act of kindness and start making a difference today that our Father in heaven may be glorified!

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