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Mom Tells Experience Of Giving Birth To A Blind Baby, He Is Beautiful Inside Out!

Being a mother is not just a responsibility but also an opportunity of being blessed and happy. Having kids of your own gives essence to the life of a mother. There are times that we feel bad every time our mom tells us not to do something that we tend to do. Whatever it is that our mom tells us is for our own sake. A mother’s love for her child is unconditional from the day that she bears the child on her tummy until the day that she leaves the earth. Nothing can fathom the love of a mother to her children and all that she wants is for them to be successful in life.

A mom recorded a video of her showing flash cards that tells the story of her son. According to her, she cannot express the happiness that she felt when she knew she was pregnant. She can’t wait to see her baby and take good care of him. She was nervous when the doctor told her that her baby’s condition was unstable but this woman has a big faith unto God and she knows she can give it a try.

When her son was delivered, she was so happy that he was alive although he looks different. The baby was born without eyes and he cannot close his mouth due to his palate. Most of the time they caught people’s attention every time they go to public places but later on, this baby started to give happiness to his fellow kids. Everything happens for a reason and it is God’s will to let such a thing happen to her. Thank God for your life and appreciate everything that He has given you. Watch the video below and discover this woman’s struggle in life and how she has overcome her battle.

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Mother’s touching story of the blind boy 😊 😊 😊

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