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Mother Ordered Birthday Cake For Autistic Daughter, Bakery’s Response Left Her In Tears

Human beings were created in God’s image and likeness. We may differ in the physical attributes that make us unique individuals, but we were all created with the same purpose. Most of us are lucky living a normal life but there are people who were born special in a way that Science can not explain. These are the people who need more love and care to let them feel that they should still be thankful that God gave them life.

A mom prepared a birthday party for her autistic daughter Amy who had problems in getting along with people. She had a hard time making friends maybe because she was born different and it was hurtful that nobody came to attend her birthday party. Kim, her mom invited some other kids but it was hurtful that nobody came. Amy didn’t have the chance to experience a real birthday party and her mom’s heart was broken into pieces seeing her daughter unhappy.

So instead, she called Savage’s Bakery to order a cake for Amy. She talked to Elizabeth and had an exchange of conversation telling her about what happened to Amy’s birthday party. She instructed Elizabeth to put tons of flowers into the cake because Amy was obsessed with it. Elizabeth was heart melted and she felt sorry for Amy. She came up with something incredible that would make the little girl happy in any way. So she called Dr. Julian Maha, founder of Kulture City who also had an 11-year-old son born with non-verbal autism. Julian had a big heart for special children so they both decided to throw up a surprise party for Amy.

Julian brought a new sensory activation vehicle which included features to help children with autism calm down. A lot of kids attended the party and they were having a good time. Amy felt so special that day and her heart was full of happiness. Kim on the other hand, couldn’t imagine how a stranger like Elizabeth and Julian can do such an unforgettable thing for her daughter! Don’t miss the video because this serves as a testimony that people with big heart exists!

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