LifestyleMother’s Instinct Saved Hiker’s Life, Restored Faith In Humanity

Mother’s Instinct Saved Hiker’s Life, Restored Faith In Humanity

God sends miracles and most of the time He uses people as instruments to do His will. In times of danger, God sends His angel to protect and save us from any worst case that is possible to happen. Each one of us has a calling depending on God’s master plan. Beforehand, God already knows what He wants to happen with your life. Offer your life to Jesus and let Him use you to help others in need that they may glorify God for His faithfulness in their lives.

Nancy Abell is a mom who has a heart in helping others. They say a mother’s instinct is always right and often times it is the best. Nancy met Katharina Groene when she was hiking one day at Pacific Crest Trail in Washington. They started to talk and Nancy knew some details about Katharina. Katharina came from Germany and it’s like she is really determined to finish her trail until she reaches the Canadian border. When Nancy and Katharina had their ways separated, Nancy felt uncomfortable and she can’t help thinking about Katharina.

Nancy knew the danger that awaits the trail and she is concerned about Katharina’s situation. Deep inside Nancy is somebody who tells her that Katharina needs help. Nancy called 911 and told them about the stranger that she just met. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s department started searching for Katharina and later on they found her frostbit. According to them, if they were not able to find Katharina, she probably have a day to live and stay on the trail because of her condition. Katharina was so thankful to Nancy and because of what she did, people believed that generous people still exist and faith in humanity was restored.

How a hunch saved a hiker’s life
Nancy Abell admits her maternal instinct may be a little overactive. But when a young woman she met from Germany, Katharina Groene, told her she was hiking alone along the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington State, she had a hunch that Groene would need help, and called 911.

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