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Muslim Businessman Converts To Christianity After God Visits Him In Work Conference

My name is Faisal Malick and this is the story of how I became a Christian. I was born in Pakistan and all my life I was taught to follow Allah and that Muhammad is the final prophet of Islam. I believed that there were four books that came from heaven and the final book was the Quran.

I used to study the Quran after school everyday because my family wanted it to be ingrained into my beliefs. As a Muslim, I was brought up to oppose the Deity of who Jesus is. The Quran mentioned Jesus but we could never call him the “Son of God.” It was the greatest sin that any Muslim could commit.

As I grew up, I wanted to have higher education, which is why I left the country. Later I got involved in business. Some of the people I was working with were Christians. They believed that Jesus was the son of God and I saw this as an open confrontation. I felt that they were deceived and the Bible is inaccurate.

Later, some Christian businessmen invited me to church. Of course I refused because I was a Muslim. I told them that they are welcome to come to a mosque if they wanted. Eventually, when they invited me to a business conference, I decided that if I wanted to learn how to be good in business, then I should attend..

I went to this conference with twenty thousand people. On the Sunday morning, they stopped the conference and had a Christian service. I didn’t want to go but someone said to me, “If you come to this service, you can have a front row seat. After this service is over, you can keep your seat for the remainder of this business conference.”

He also said that a businessman will speak, not a priest. So, I decided that it can’t be that bad. I went and the first thing that the speaker said was, “Jesus is the Son of God.”

That offended me as a Muslim. He then said, “If you reject Jesus, you will go to hell. But if you receive Jesus, then you are guaranteed to go to heaven and spend eternity with Jesus. That made me mad too.

I thought he was wrong and I felt like it was my responsibility as a Muslim to correct him. When he invited people to come closer to the stage, I went, thinking that I could talk to him to correct him. However, about three thousand people rushed to the stage and I got stuck. I refused to say that Jesus is the son of God, but the Christians around me congratulated me for receiving Jesus.

I later went to another conference with the intention to spy on these Christian businessmen. This time, when the man called for people to come closer, I knew that I shouldn’t respond . But then, the living God appeared. I knew with every fiber of my being that I was standing before the Most High God. His presence encircled me.

I had so many questions and didn’t understand what was going on. I asked him, “God, what are you doing here? I thought these are the bad guys?” Then, I heard a voice say to me, “No, these are my children.” He said it three times. When he said that, a veil fell from my eyes. That’s when I knew that Jesus is the son of God. That was when I invited Jesus into my heart.


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