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Muslim Woman Leaves Islam After Jesus Answers Her Prayer

This is my testimony about how Jesus pulled me out of the deception of the devil.  I hope this video will touch as many souls as possible. With the power of the Holy Spirit, I speak to you so that you may also find God.

I come from an Iranian background and moved to Canada with family when I was 12-13 years old. When we came to Canada, someone approached my mom and dad about Christ but they refused. After 21 years living in Canada, nobody shared the gospel with me. That is how dead the church is out here. My father got murdered without knowing God. I’m here today to tell all of you that God loves you and he wants you back home.

Whatever sin you’ve done in your life. God can forgive you. Today is the day for your salvation. Ask him for forgiveness. I came from Islam. Allah is a false God. Islam is a false religion and Mohammed is in hell right now, burning in Jesus’ name. Every time Muslims are gathering in Mecca, they are hurting his soul in hell. If you want to know God, you have to go through Jesus Christ.

Let me tell you my story. I had been planning to move to Florida but God called me through the Holy Spirit to stay here in Toronto to save my family. A friend called me from Florida and told me that he died and came back after a cocaine overdose. He was in darkness and was tormented in a dark, scary place. At this point, I was in New Age, I had already left Islam.

Like many Iranian families, my whole family never practiced Islam when we came here, so it’s easier to grasp the gospel. I ended up searching for God through New Age. Thinking about me now, it was stupid of me to believe in New Age. Two weeks after my friend’s call, I saw a video talking about the same kind of torment from hell that he told me about. I ended up watching 15-20 videos of hell testimonies that day.

I knew I was a sinner so I asked Jesus to show me the truth. The next day, an elderly Caucasian woman came to my work place. I  work as a medical aesthetician. The lady said that “the Lord sent me to do my lashes with you.” I was so excited. I knew it was from God, I knew he sent one of his people. She invited me to church and I renounced all the other Gods and said that I want to believe I Jesus.I was crying the whole time!

The next day, the desire for smoking and all other worldly desires were lifted off me. I was so consumed with love and peace. I shared the gospel with my sisters and with some convincing, they eventually turned to Jesus. So many miracles have happened to my family in such a short amount of time. Watch the video below to learn more:

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