My Wife and I Are White Evangelicals. Here’s Why We Chose to Give Birth to Black Triplets

After struggling for years to conceive, Rachel and Aaron turned to a different method of creating a family: adoption. They proudly welcomed a little boy and a little girl—both with darker skin—into their forever family.

“We knew, especially in the South, that a white couple with non-white children would draw a myriad of different reactions,” Aaron explains. “There will always be the older white woman in Walmart who stared at us with sheer disgust, or the African-American mother who looked at us and just shook her head.”

But love conquers all, and the couple loved everything about their little family. As missionaries serving in Honduras, the Christian couple was eager to bring more lives into their family.

A short time later, they learned about embryo adoption. It’s where embryos that have been frozen in a Christian embryo bank for a number of years—in this case 15 years—are implanted in the mother, giving embryo babies a fair chance at life.

“If Christians—or others—really believe life begins at conception, it follows that we should respond by being willing to support embryo adoption and even take part in it ourselves,” Aaron explains.

Rachel and Aaron decided it would be great to be able to break the racial stigma and have their new babies “match” their siblings rather than their white parents.

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