Nathan Sheridan Soulfully Sings “Broken With You” Telling How He Overcome Circumstances In Life

We all have that unique story of faith in how we overcome trials in life. Some would think of it as a miracle due to unusual events but Christians are fully aware that is by the grace of God that we are being rescued from bad times in life. At some point in life, we may feel broken and we lose all the chances of putting the pieces back together. Always bear in mind that once we were prisoners but we were given the freedom through the power of the blood of Jesus.

Nathan Sheridan’s life journey is one of a kind. It’s a story of a man who suffered from addiction, abandonment, loss, and struggle but was redeemed and has received courage from the Lord Jesus Christ. His father is unstable and is emotionally unstable to take care and support Nathan and his sister Sara. Part of all the struggles that life brought him is losing his sister Sara due to brain cancer. But despite all hardships, Nathan did not give up and at the age of 14, he offered his life to Jesus. Nathan has a gift of music where he shares his life journey through the lyrics of his songs. His mission is to share his story of hope that everyone may witness how God changed his life despite all the bitterness and sorrow that he encountered.

We may be broken physically or emotionally, but what is important is for us to make sure that our spiritual being is focused on serving God. Trials in life were designed to make us stronger and learn how to trust God in difficult times. Listen as Nathan Sheridan tells his story through his song Broken With You and be amazed how God put the pieces of his life back together for good.

Nathan Sheridan Broken With You

Nathan Sheridan performs Broken With You on The Plaza Mariachi Stage during Today in Nashville airing weekdays at 11am on WSMV-TV

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