Neighbors Help A Farmer Battling Stage 4 Cancer Harvest His Crops

It’s not every day that we hear about the kindness of people although it’s what we most need in today’s world filled with negative stories. That’s why it’s heartwarming to hear one true account of a farmer in Washington State who received enormous help from strangers during what could have been the lowest point in his life.

Larry Yockey, 63, and his family rely on their 1,200-acre farm in Ritz Ville for their livelihood and their day-to-day necessities. They sell their produce of wheat to earn money. This means the father has to work double-time to provide for his family and work his fields.

On any normal day, this wouldn’t have been a problem for the father-of-three. But unexpected situations hinder him from doing hard physical labor. Yockey is battling Stage 4 skin cancer that had spread to his bones so he suffers from “broken hip and ribs.”

Despite his condition, he still tried to work while under cancer treatment. However, day by day his health deteriorated and he could no longer work his fields. He was forced to entertain the thought of selling his farm, which has been in the family for four generations.

Two of his neighbors who also own farms realized that Yockey was sick and they knew that they had to do something about his farm because they don’t want him to sell it. So on the day when he should have delivered his harvest, Yockey woke up feeling depressed. But the sadness would soon change to gladness and relief when he stepped out to an amazing surprise.

He saw his farmer friend drive his tractor and seven other farmers with their tractors show up at his farm. That wasn’t all! Soon more and more tractors arrived and they were there to help with the harvest.  A total of 60 people made up of Yockey’s friends and their friends and strangers who heard about his dilemma all decided to pitch in and help.

“I’m just glad to be here and help where I can and where I’m needed,” Mike Doyle, one of Yockey’s friends who organized the group harvest tells CBS News.

Their joined effort yielded crops that was supposed to be a three-week harvest but they did in just six hours. Yockey, his wife, and daughters can only look in awe as the farmers tirelessly worked his field.

In our troubles, God never fails to help us so he sends angels to help carry our burdens. Yockey didn’t just get one but 60 angels who made sure that he will never lose his farm despite his sickness.

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