Netflix Christmas Film ‘Klaus’ Is About Selflessness, Act of Goodwill

“Klaus,” a Netflix animated film about the origin of Santa Claus, tells the story of kindness and generosity. It reminds viewers about the power of selflessness and the ripple of goodwill it creates.

In a sit-down interview with the Christian Post, lead star of the movie Jason Schwartzman talked about the positive theme behind “Klaus” in a unique retelling of how an old man became a global phenomenon known as Santa Claus.

Schwartzman, who plays Jesper, said that it started with his character’s selfish acts that eventually turned into something good. Jesper is sent by his wealthy dad to a remote island above the Arctic Circle called Smeeerensburg so he can prove his worth as a future postman.

However, in the “unhappiest place on earth,” the locals hardly talk to each other so sending letters is beyond the question. But he got this brilliant idea that had everyone sending letters to a mysterious carpenter named Klaus, who lives in a cabin full of handmade toys. Soon children were asking toys from Klaus and the gifts soon start to turn the place around. People started smiling and actually feel happy.

“I do love a practical version of why we’re giving gifts. It wasn’t magic; it all started because there was a selfish young guy, a postman, who needed people to write a certain amount of letters to this guy to get some toys so that he could get out of this little town because it was freezing,” Schwartzman said.

The actor added that “Klaus” tells the idea of a holiday that is about selflessness. In the film, the idea started with “something selfish and then turned itself around.” In the end, Jesper’s selfish heart also softens as he begins to encourage children to write letters. In the movie, Klaus (J.K. Simmons) always reminds Jesper that “A true act of goodwill always sparks another,” which the actor believes is “like a kind of ripple,” with “the effects of positivity going farther than people realize.”

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