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One Man Capella Rendition Of “Alleluia”, Numerous Voices From Him Into One Harmonious Melody!

The Lord blessed us with hidden talents that we need to discover and nurture. Talents that should be used to honor thy Father. Kaoma Chende was born and raised in Zambia, Africa. He was from a family consist of 6 members and his father was a pastor. His interest in music started when he was at an early age of nine. He loves music so much that he even joined the church choir when he was still young. Music is his passion, music for the Lord.

A lot of people are amazed at his talent because it is really unusual for a man to deliver a song wherein the audience are hearing 4 or more voices. A quartet from a single person could be funny at some point but it is totally amazing! His talent is unique that it makes people wonder how can he do such things. The Lord gives wonderful surprises to His children. He gave us talents and He is capable of taking it away from us if we do not use it for His glory.

It makes a person’s heart filled with joy when you hear Kaoma singing “Alleluia”. The message of the song is clear, the intention of a person to honor and glorify the precious name of Jesus. Let your talents grow in serving the Lord as it may bring abundance to your life. God rewards people who doesn’t get tired of serving Him in any way.

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