Parents Give Their Little Girl’s Organs to Help Others on Easter Sunday

Two days before Easter Sunday, 22-month-old Coralyn “Cora” Sabolik suffered heart failure as doctors were treating her for the parainfluenza virus while transporting her to the Mayo Clinic. It took 25 minutes before doctors could resuscitate her which caused swelling of her brain that continued until she was pronounced brain-dead.

On Easter Sunday, while other parents were enjoying Easter Egg hunting with their children, Meagan and Paul Sabolik of Iowa were watching their daughter being wheeled into surgery to remove her organs for organ donation recipients.

In a heart-wrenching moment, as little Cora was being wheeled into surgery, the hospital staff, nurses, and family sang “Amazing Grace.”

Coralynn superhero walk!

Thank you all for the kind words and love. There is the link for her go fund me page and other pictures and videos.

Mrs. Sabolik shared on Facebook:

“But she is still with us and is in the process of organ donation. She became an angel today but tomorrow… she will go into surgery and become a superhero and give the wonderful gift of life to up to 8 different people that are in desperate need of these organs. We have tonight to be with Cora and will give her the most love we have ever given her yet.”

Indeed, Cora is a hero to at least three organ recipients: a little boy who received her heart, a little girl who received her liver, and a 26-year-old woman who received her kidneys.

On June 1, Mrs. Sabolik posted an update on their conditions:

The Saboliks made the decision to donate their little girl’s organs to encourage others to donate life as well. Though Cora passed way and is with her Maker, she lives on in others.

The organs from Cora’s death have given life to others and has kept a part of her alive in them. The sacrifice of the Saboliks creates a beautiful image of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, on the very day we celebrate His resurrection.

Christ suffered and died that others may live spiritually and rose again that all believers may have new life, with Christ living in them.

May we pray that the Lord would comfort the grieving parents.


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