Photographer Gives Birth to Twins, One Black, the Other White, Takes Amazing Photos of Albino Daughter

Judith Nwokocha, a Nigerian-Canadian photographer, thought the nurses had given her the wrong baby when she first saw her albino twin. “I remember going for my first scan when they told me ‘you are having a baby’ and I said ‘ no , I’m having two’, I knew, without a doubt,” Judith said. “I was shocked- I thought they had handed me somebody else’s baby, I didn’t believe she was mine.”

The 38-year-old photographer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and her African-American husband had been trying to conceive for eight years. They were finally blessed with the most adorable set of twins thanks to IVF, and now that the children are four years old, people have a hard time believing they are twins due to their different skin colors.

Kamsi, the boy, is dark-skinned, while Kachi, the girl, was diagnosed with albinism just days after she was born. The twins, like all other babies born, are incredibly cute, and thankfully, they don’t notice any color differences and are growing up to be best friends.

Because her family had no history of albinism, Judith admitted she was surprised when her baby girl was born an albino. She was also concerned about the girl’s future and how she would cope in a society that is frequently discriminatory. She said, like every mother, she began to worry for the future of her daughter.

Judith even started questioning God. She said, “I worried about her future, how society would treat her, how she’ll be accepted, etc. I envied other black babies and thought, ‘Why me? Why was I the one to have an albino baby?’ How did I get black and white twins?”

It was then that Judith began to notice the amazing things in her daughter. She said that her daughter had golder hair and pink lips. Everything about her amazed the mother and then the fear was replaced with admiration. 

Kachi is a perfectly healthy little girl with a bustling personality and a strong will, aside from her sensitive skin and eyesight. Judith explains that she’s using her skills as a professional photographer to highlight the beauty of having identical twins with dramatically different skin tones. They are flawless in every way, and from their photos, Kachi’s charming brother, Kamsi, clearly adores and loves her.

“I’m not sure she`s aware of her uniqueness at the moment, but eventually she’ll know, and it’s my responsibility to educate her and teach her to love herself no matter what” the proud mother said. She added, “Albinism may have its challenges but I’m teaching her to be strong and conquer whatever may come her way. I’m showcasing the beauty in albinism by constantly taking pictures of her and twin brother.

There are times we may doubt God’s plans and how He deals with us. What’s amazing about God is that He allows us to ask questions and He always comes through with the right answers. Sometimes it may be through direct answers and sometimes He changes our perspective so that we may come to appreciate how beautiful His plans are for us.

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